Violent Jewish Supremacist Racism Covered Up by Ziomedia

The Zionist extremist controlled mass media—which always gives prominent coverage to any incident involving an assault by Europeans on any other ethnic group anywhere in the world—has continued with its overt double standards and covering up of violent Jewish Supremacist racism in Israel.

Examples of this double standard at plentiful: for example, the Ziomedia ignores Israel’s marriage laws which forbid non-Jews from marrying Jews, the other overt segregationist laws in the Zionist state or even the continued expulsion of Africans from Israel because they “threaten the Jewish identity” of the “Middle East’s only democratic state.” (!)

However, one has to read Jewish news sources, directed at Jews, by Jews, and not often read by Gentiles, to find out that even these cover-ups are just the tip of the iceberg.

A new article on the Israeli news source Ynet, has for example, revealed that Arabs living in Israel are now too scared to walk around at night in that country out of fear of being violently attacked by gangs of Jews who operate without fear of arrest from the authorities.

According to the article, which followed an incident where a gang of Jews lynched an Arab in Jerusalem (another incident covered by the Zionmedia in the West), the lynching was not “isolated.”

“What happened in Jerusalem was covered by the media [in Israel], but there are incidents that happen on a daily basis, in areas with bars and cafes, against Arab youths who just want to go out and have fun,” Rabia Sagir, a Haifa resident and Arab Israeli said in the article.

“These incidents are a consequence of the incitement voiced by extremist rabbis and racist public officials.”

Shaheen Nasser, 26, another Haifa resident, reiterated that Arabs are often discriminated against for racist reasons; Arabs undergo harsher security checks, he said, and are often refused entry to clubs and bars.

“Sometimes it’s scary to walk down the street, but what’s really terrifying is the institutionalized racism,” he said. “The education system should teach tolerance and multiculturalism, but unfortunately attempts (to instate such programs) by human rights groups have failed.”

According to the Israeli media, the Jerusalem incident was  a “violent clash between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem’s Zion Square” which left an 18-year-old Arab man seriously wounded.

An activist at an aid organization for youths at risk, who witnessed the event, posted a message on Facebook, claiming that the incident was more like “a lynch.”

“Today I saw a lynch with my very own eyes, at Zion Square in the center of Jerusalem,” she wrote.

“We arrived for our usual volunteering shift at Zion Square and not more than half-an-hour later, (we heard) screams: ‘A Jew is a (good) soul; an Arab is a son-of-a…’. (We saw) dozens of teens running and gathering around, starting to deliver deadly blows to three Arab teens who were peacefully walking by,” the activist wrote.

“When one of the Arab teens fell onto the floor, they continued to kick his head, and he lost consciousness… the assailants ran away and the rest gathered in a circle (around him) and some continued to shout with hatred in their eyes.”

The activist further claimed in her post that when two of the volunteers tried to resuscitate the injured Arabs, “the crowds were complaining that they were Arabs and that they deserve it because maybe now they will be afraid.”

None of these details would ever be reported on any major scale in the West’s Ziomedia, unlike even the smallest incident involving Europeans and other ethnic groups.

There is of course no justification for anybody to be violently assaulted or abused because of their heritage, and Dr. David Duke opposes violence of any sort.

Yet the blatant double standards of the Ziomedia should make all people, no matter what their ethnicity, realize that the Jewish Supremacists are actively engaged in lying about everybody, and not just those of European descent.