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ZioStarbucks “Race Together” New Attack on European Americans

Commentary by Dr. David Duke — Although Starbucks’ (ZioBucks) servers will no longer be writing “Race Together” on cups and inviting customers into a “conversation on race,” the campaign has had an impact. Starbucks’ Jewish CEO, “Israel 50th Anniversary Tribute Award” winner Howard Shultz thought of the preposterous campaign, which is being described in the media as poorly planned but “well-intentioned.” Actually, the campaign was shrewdly planned with sinister intentions, to demonize European Americans as “racists.”

We know what “a conversation on race” means in today’s America: instilling guilt in European Americans and inciting anti-white hatred among “minorities,” all while Jews maintain themselves as the true “Privileged Class” and the real elite that rule America!

It is the Jewish Elite,  not European Americans who are the real racists who are ruling America and leading all of us to ruin.
It is the Jewish Elite, not European Americans who are the real racists who are ruling America and leading all of us to ruin.

 Shultz didn’t have to shell out any of his fortune to this end. Ziobuck’s low-wage workers were simply instructed to scribble the slogan on customers’ cups and accost them on a subject on which most people are heavily indoctrinated but poorly educated. 

Of course the campaign has reverberated through the Ziomedia echo chamber. No doubt Shultz knows that all this emphasis on “race” will focus on everyone’s grievances, real or imagined, against whites, while discussion of the ultimate racism of Jewish supremacy remains strictly taboo. And that is a conversation we REALLY need to have. Perhaps Shultz could launch a new campaign called “Stop Jewish Privilege?”

The Jewish elite in media, government and academia are constantly attacking Europeans for real and imagined sins of history, while completely ignoring the paramount Jewish role in many of the greatest crimes of history. As I have pointed out many times, Jews were the creators and driving force behind communism which oppressed, tortured and murdered more human beings in just the 20th Century than in all of the rest of the entire recorded history of mankind!

While Jews constantly demonize Whites for slavery, they don’t point out that every nation has enslaved other peoples and races historically. Even more importantly, they don’t point out the horrific slave trade since Roman Times has been completely dominated by Jews, a tiny percent of the population. The Jewish tribe is the world champion of slavery!

As my books document, they their own histories boast of their complete control of the slave trade, yet they constantly heap hate and guilt on Europeans for what they themselves dominated. It is good to now that in the last few years, black leaders also have recognized the Jewish role.

Today, Jewish mobsters dominate world-wide white slavery and human trafficking  with their Jewish organized crime rings, primarily the ZioMedia named “Russian Mafia” — which is actually the Jewish Mafia born in Russia and Eastern Europe and today is centered in Israel.

They don’t point out that the most ethnocentric, racist, discriminatory group on Earth is the organized Jewish community, and that Israel is an ultra-racist Jewish supremacist state that has ethnically-cleansed and mass murdered its ethnic enemies: the Palestinians and Lebanese.

How did the relatively small Jewish group conquer America? First, they had to divide and conquer the European majority, destroy the natural and healthy love of people for their own heritage and values and interests, and incite non-Europeans against the European American majority. Then they had to change immigration laws and change the demographics of America — which they indeed have done and is easily proven that were driving force behind the demographic Armageddon approaching the United States. They are turning America into a divided-and-conquered, conflicted,  Syria-like nation today.

Yet, still, European Americans are 65 percent of the population, and they still know we we are the most critical component of their possible overthrow, if they can neutralize us they can divide-and-conquer the rest.

So, that’s why they are on a non-stop hate campaign against European Americans, to incite non-Europeans against Europeans in America, and to instill self-hate and demoralization in the hearts of Europeans.

The truth is of course, the liberation of Europeans in America is important not only for the European people, but vital to all Americans and all the world! Because, today the Jewish elite of America is deeply harming every American of every race and ethnicity.

They are robbing us blind with the Wall Street Predator banks like Goldman Sachs and the FED. They are leading us in catastrophic wars costing a treasure of American blood and money, and they are defiling and destroying every higher human value with their ZioMedia and ZioHollywood poison.

Because of their control of America they also are the driving force in the destruction of Europe and the Western World as well, and in fact, the whole world.

Super-ZioBucks CEO has to know that it is his people who are the true ultimate racists and supremacists in America and around the world, but he also knows that that their supremacy cannot be maintained unless they get Europeans and non-Europeans alike to see Europeans as enemy rather the the true enemy of all humanity, the Zio-Globalist racists!

One of the leading newspapers of Israel, Haaretz, boasting of the leading Jewish role in destroying America's "family friendly culture." It also proudly proclaims" and that these Jews are "asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity." Any Gentile who said that Jews assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity would be branded an "anti-Semite."
One of the leading newspapers of Israel, Haaretz, boasting of the leading Jewish role in destroying America’s “family friendly culture.”
It also proudly proclaims” and that these Jews are “asserting their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity.” Any Gentile who said that Jews assert their Jewishness by glorifying obscenity would be branded an “anti-Semite.”

Here is the NY Times article by David Brooks in which he, as so many of his fellow elite, can’t help but brag about the Jewish takeover of America! And where has this takeover led, to a destruction of the American middle-class, the European American peoples, the unending wars and mayhem all over the world, and even to the destruction of the fundamental building-block of every society, the family! —David Duke

Here’s the video on slavery:

Starbucks will stop writing ‘Race Together’ on your cups now

By Jessica Contrera March 22

Howard Schultz, chairman and CEO of Starbucks, talks about the Race Together program during the Starbucks annual shareholders in Seattle. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
After just one week, Starbucks employees will stop writing “Race Together” on your coffee cups.

CEO Howard Schultz ended the effort Sunday, after days of pushback against the company’s initiative to start a conversation about race within its more than 20,000 stores. Other parts of the year-long Race Together program will continue, including forum discussions and special sections in USA Today. But the scribbling of a somewhat-ambiguous message on lattes has been quickly phased out.

“While there has been criticism of the initiative — and I know this hasn’t been easy for any of you — let me assure you that we didn’t expect universal praise,” Schultz said in a memo.

The message was meant to be “just the catalyst” for a broad conversation about race, after a year in which the topic has figured prominently in news headlines and dinner-table conversations across America.

Instead, the announcement of Race Together was a conversation about Starbucks. Was the coffee giant exploiting a very real issue for financial gain? Did you know that 16 of the company’s 19 executives are white? What jokes can we make about this on Twitter?