Replacing Third World Labor with Robots

Another scientific achievement suggests we could solve our racial problems in a very short time if our government would support certain new technology. The Sun newspaper reports: “A ROBOT billed as a ‘toaster on legs’ has smashed a world record — by walking 14.3 miles in 11 hours. The Ranger, built by US scientists, set the record for untethered robotic walking earlier this month. Guided by students using a remote control, the odd-looking robot strode 108.5 times around a 212m indoor track. It completed about 70,000 steps before it needed a recharge. The Ranger, whose parts alone cost £15,000, took four years to perfect — but runs on batteries and cost(s) less than 1p (one penny) to travel four miles. It smashed the previous world record set by Boston Dynamics’ BigDog in Boston by 1.5 miles. The Ranger is energy efficient because it copies the physics of human walking, using gravity and momentum to roll its legs forward. While the movements of other robots are controlled by motors, the Ranger has a more laid-back gait.”

What is the biggest justification for illegal aliens in White societies? The claim that they now do most of the crop picking and dirty jobs that Whites allegedly won’t do. While this is not by any means entirely true, as witnessed by the thousands of Whites who line up for the vacated jobs every time Immigration raids some factory and hauls away the illegals.

But what if we could get robots to do many (if not all) of the dirty jobs? This would make any need for immigrant Third World labor obsolete in White nations.

Another article reports ” As if the debate over immigration and guest worker programs wasn’t complicated enough, now a couple of robots are rolling into the middle of it. Vision Robotics, a San Diego company, is working on a pair of robots that would trundle through orchards plucking oranges, apples or other fruit from the trees. In a few years, troops of these machines could perform the tedious and labor-intensive task of fruit picking that currently employs thousands of migrant workers each season. The robotic work has been funded entirely by agricultural associations, and pushed forward by the uncertainty surrounding the migrant labor force…. But it wasn’t just technological challenges that held back previous attempts at building a mechanical harvester –- politics got involved, too. Cesar Chavez, the legendary leader of the United Farm Workers, began a campaign against mechanization back in 1978. Chavez was outraged that the federal government was funding research and development on agricultural machines… and government funding dried up.”

Japan has been leading the world in developing industrial robots. Japan has very limited real estate. Even if they wanted to import large numbers of guest workers, there’s no place to put them. Japan is increasingly using industrial robots to do the difficult jobs in their auto factories that younger generations are less willing to do. At one point Japan was making 90 percent of the world’s industrial robots, thanks in large part to the US Congress capitulating to Ceasar Chavez.

Despite the ultra-liberal nature of the California legislature, there is a strong chance of a copy of Arizona’s immigration law SB 1070 passing in California. California has a voter initiative process which bypasses the Latinos, Socialists and lunatics in the legislature, and polls show a copy of SB1070 passing with a comfortable margin. Ted Hilton is leading an effort to get an anti-illegal alien voter initiative on the California ballot by 2012.