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President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize:


PAST: Obama to AIPAC: Won’t rule out nuking Iran

“Sen. Barack Obama said Friday the use of military force should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which he called “a threat to all of us.”

PRESENT: President Obama has held a series of meetings on troop levels in Afghanistan

“It’s a strategic decision,” says a senior defense official involved in Afghanistan policy. “The White House made the choice to expand the war to the degree that it already has” earlier this year when Obama agreed to deploy 21,000more troops.

U.S., NATO Poised For Most Massive War In Afghanistan’s History

Over the past week U.S. newspapers and television networks have been abuzz with reports that Washington and its NATO allies are planning an unprecedented increase of troops for the war in Afghanistan, even in addition to the 17,000 new American and several thousand NATO forces that have been committed to the war so far this year.

The number, based on as yet unsubstantiated reports of what U.S. and NATO commander Stanley McChrystal and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen have demanded of the White House, range from 10,000 to 45,000.

Fox News has cited figures as high as 45,000 more American soldiers and ABC News as many as 40,000. On September 15 the Christian Science Monitor wrote of “perhaps as many as 45,000.”

FUTURE: War Criminal, Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Henry Kissinger speaks on Iran

VAN SUSTEREN: Iran says that they are not seeking to make nuclear weapons but that they want nuclear power for civilian and peaceful reasons. Do you believe them?

KISSINGER: I don’t believe them. But if that were to be the outcome, it means that there has to be an inspection system where people can believe them. They have pursued this program for 10 years. They have no need for nuclear power on any significant scale because they have huge supplies of gas and oil. The — what they’re enriching is really useful primarily for weapons and not for nuclear power, so I don’t believe they’re making that effort for civilian uses.


Let’s hurry up and drop bombs on Iran because Israel wants us to be the aggressor country. Well, if that’s not a good excuse, let’s hurry up and drop bombs on Iran because Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a gas bag who makes ugly, inflammatory statements. Kind of like Jiang Zemin, who headed up the Communist Party in China when he celebrated the attacks against America on 9/11. I don’t hear Israel or anyone else calling for the US to bomb selected targets in China where their nukes are stored….

Intelligence Agencies Say No New Nukes in Iran. Secret updates to White House challenge European and Israeli assessments. “The U.S. intelligence community is reporting to the White House that Iran has not restarted its nuclear-weapons development program, two counter proliferation officials tell NEWSWEEK. U.S. agencies had previously said that Tehran halted the program in 2003.”

Israel has nuclear weapons paid for by the fruits of your labor, stolen by an outlaw Congress who has no authority to give away our money to ANY foreign government. Do you think the people of Israel, Pakistan or Russia would stand for their governments giving hundreds of BILLIONS of their hard earned paychecks to the U.S. in “foreign aid”? When pig’s fly.

The coming war with Iran: Real question is not if, but when

War with Iran is now inevitable. The only question is: Will it happen sooner or later? Tehran’s recent missile tests and war games suggest that the apocalyptic mullahs have reached the same conclusion….

Washington now has two choices: Sanction an American or Israeli military attack to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities or allow Tehran to go nuclear. Either option means war.

A devastating strike would likely trigger a fierce Iranian response, including waves of suicide bombers targeting Israeli civilians and U.S. troops in Iraq. Iranian missiles would pound Israeli and, maybe, European cities. Vital shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf would be disrupted, driving the price of oil to more than $300 a barrel – plunging the West into a possible depression. Hezbollah sleeper cells might be activated within the United States, unleashing deadly atrocities on American soil.

Yet, allowing a nuclear-armed Iran is likely to lead to an even worse regional war. Once the ruling clerics get their hands on nukes, a military showdown with Israel is inevitable. They will seek to destroy the Jewish state once and for all. Jerusalem will not stand by and commit existential suicide. It will retaliate. The result would be a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.

The winds of war are blowing across the Persian Gulf. Following this summer’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, the Iranian regime is weak, desperate and fracturing. Washington should vigorously pursue a policy of internal regime change; otherwise, Tehran will drag the Middle East into a certain conflagration that could lead to the slaughter of millions.

Also: Warmonger Wins Peace Prize at

It took 25 years longer than George Orwell thought for the slogans of 1984 to become reality.

“War Is Peace,” “Freedom Is Slavery,” “Ignorance Is Strength.”

I would add, “Lie Is Truth.”

The Nobel Committee has awarded the 2009 Peace Prize to President Obama, the person who started a new war in Pakistan, upped the war in Afghanistan, and continues to threaten Iran with attack unless Iran does what the US government demands and relinquishes its rights as a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty.