'Anti-War' Democrats Scheduled to Receive Marching Orders from Israel

Iraq: The War for Israel

By Fanonite

Last year the respected US political scientists John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt came under sustained attack for suggesting that the Iraq war would  not have happened absent the Israel lobby. Recalling Orwell’s dictum, it has required a constant struggle to help some in the so-called antiwar movement see what is in front of everyone’s nose. So now we have here a senior member of the Democratic Party (pictured), who was recently elected into a congressional majority on an unequivocally antiwar mandate, promising Israel that it will keep its concerns foremost in its considerations of the US Iraq policy.

Jeffrey Blankfort responds:

The US is already fighting a war urged upon us by Israeli officialdom across the board and by the nest of traitors in the US more commonly known as the Israel lobby and here we have one of their hirelings suggesting that Israeli military officers should have input into a decision by the US to withdraw from Iraq. There are those who for tactical reasons may object to the use of the word “traitor” to describe lobbyists for Israel, but clearly they have a track record of putting the interests of Israel before that of their fellow Americans and by ignoring this reality we have been enabling them to continue undermining what little is left of US democracy while thousands of American soldiers have been killed and wounded fighting a war for Israel, quite apart from the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis whose blood and the destruction of their country is also on their hands as much as it is the maniacs in the White House. Those blind to the role played Israel and its lobbyists, insist that the war was waged for oil, who saw their last argument go up in smoke when the parliament refused to sign the oil contract which even if approved, given the situation in Iraq, would have been worthless, will continue to ignore what has been happening but pay them no mind. Some have their own agendas..

People wonder what to do about this besides exchange emails with like-minded email friends bemoaning the situation. As suggested before, for those in the US, in particular, you should take articles like this one, with the quotes from Steny Hoyer and using your computer make flyers to distribute at shopping malls and at the political rallies that will be taking place in  increasing numbers as the election season heats up. The most successful venture may be to take quotes like Hoyer’s, like some of Pelosi’s and when your local Democrat comes campaigning, bring someone along with you with a video camera, and ask the Democrat if he or she agrees or disagrees with their statements. Ask her or him if, like Pelosi, they are carrying the dog tags of three Israeli soldiers which United Jewish Charities distributed to members of Congress. You might ask them that first. If they say, yes, ask them why? Then put the results on You Tube and there is a possibility of hundreds of thousands of people seeing these pols squirm. I am quite serious. YouTube presents possibilities that did not exist before that enables those without the resources of the lobby or a big corporation to strike back and strike hard.


Top Democrat: Our policy on Iraq won’t imperil Israel, leave chaos

By Shmuel Rosner, Chief U.S. Correspondent

WASHINGTON – U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) told Haaretz on Wednesday that the Democrats would seek to avoid a policy on Iraq that “will leave chaos and will endanger Israel.”

Hoyer made his comments ahead of a planned trip to Israel, starting next Sunday, in which he accompanies a group of 20 other Democratic legislators. A similar number of Republican legislators from the House are visiting Israel this week.

Hoyer was responding to statements by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert some months ago, in which he expressed opposition to American withdrawal from Iraq. Olmert warned against a hasty withdrawal that may undermine the balance of power in the Middle East and endanger the moderate regimes in the region. (….Full Article)

August 9th, 2007

Source: Uruknet.info