Obama: An enormous danger to America and the world

Obama: An enormous danger to America and the world

By David Duke

Americans have had enough of George Bush. Latest opinion polls show his approval ratings are down to 22 percent, probably the lowest of any U.S. President in history. In Europe, the Mideast and the rest of the world, George Bush is perhaps the most hated U.S. President in history.

As every astute political observer knows, American foreign policy is completely in the control of Jewish extremists who have made American diplomacy and war simply an extension of the most radical Jewish elements in Israel and around the world. The most powerful lobby in Washington with far more clout than any other is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Aided by their enormous media and financial clout, they have been able to pursue the Mideast and even global objectives of Israel.

Many Americans now fully realize that the Iraq War was completely manufactured by Israel-Firsters who saw Iraq as Israel’s biggest enemy.

They were able to transform Hussein from an American ally to whom America supplied billions of dollars worth of arms to an enemy. American business interests in Iraq were also harmed by our Israeli-controlled policy. The media even casually admit that the chief orchestrators of the war were Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz. Long before the war, Perle and other Jewish Neocons actually wrote a paper for Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government, proposing war against Iraq, Syria and Iran (A Clean Break).

The unashamedly Zionist owners and editors of the NY Times and the Washington Post didn’t tell us we needed war for Israel’s interest; no, they told us the big lie of Saddam’s supposed weapons of mass destruction and how he was a danger to the United States. In reality, the danger was the Neocon control of our policy which has caused the death or maiming of tens of thousands of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an ultimate cost of trillions of dollars to the hard-pressed American people. One could argue without contradiction that the long term support of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel has been the greatest single factor in the rise of terror in the last half century.

Everybody rightfully sees McCain as someone who will continue the Jewish Neocon policies of George Bush. But, the media establishment has been careful to portray Obama as a fresh voice, the “anti-war” candidate. Yet, Obama has already said that he will evaluate his withdrawal plan “at the time,” pledged a massive increase of troops in Afghanistan, and has threatened Iran with nuclear annihilation. This is an “anti-war” candidate?

The sainthood of President Barack Obama is already started. Rolling Stone Magazine said he “challenges America to rise up [and] summon ‘the better angels of our nature.’ ”

In fact, Obama represents the same policies of George Bush and John McCain. The only difference is that he is much more dangerous, because America and the world is very wary of Bush and McCain, but Obama will put a new face on the same old policies leading America and the world to war and economic Armageddon. Obama doesn’t look like a Neocon, but he puts on a yarmulke and kneels to AIPAC just like Bush and McCain.

Last time I looked at the federal election campaign reports I found that Obama’s biggest contributor was the Wall Street criminal banking firm of Goldman Sachs. Obama is not an agent of change, he is an agent of the same old with a new face.

Obama gives the Neocons who control American politics, foreign policy and media a new image and as such makes him far more dangerous to the peace, freedom and prosperity of the world than George Bush and his chosen successor, John McCain.