Leading American Cardinal Protests Talmudic Hatred Against Jesus



Cardinal George of Chicago says that if the Catholic Church takes out hopes for Jewish conversion in their prayers, the least that the Jewish religion can do is stop calling Jesus a bastard in the Talmud

Jews Should Not Call Jesus a “Bastard,” says top Cardinal

Commentary by David Duke — When I first saw the article copied from The Telegraph newspaper, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it might be a satire, for truth about the Jewish view of Jesus Christ is almost never mentioned in the mainstream media, and certainly not by any leading Christian official in the world. I even went to The Telegraph website expecting not to find it, that it must be a fake. I was amazed to see that it was indeed authentic. Cardinal George of Chicago in an exceptional display of courage and honesty, recently spoke openly about the double standards that exist for Christians and Jews. Jews have long lobbied, often successfully, to change Catholic liturgy. They have expressed great offense that Catholics have prayed for the conversion and salvation of all non-Christians, including the Jewish people. The Catholic church has complied in a number of instances and altered its prayers. But, the Jewish extremists are not satisfied (are they ever?) and they are agitating for even more change.

The controversy over Catholic prayers asking God to help Jews see the light of the salvation of Jesus Christ evoked thousands of media articles and critical commentaries (in the Jewish dominated media) against the Catholic Church. Abraham Foxman of the ADL as well as leading Jewish officials around the world have demanded that catholic liturgy be amended to take out the offending passages. Yet, practically nothing is said about vicious Jewish references to Jesus Christ. In the Jewish Talmud, the chief texts of the Jewish religion and law, Jesus is described as a devil, a sex pervert, a charlatan and a bastard. Some sections call his mother Mary a whore. The Talmud even goes on to announce that Jesus is being eternally boiled in excrement. I don’t see how one anyone could get more hateful and vile than that. Yet, few Christians even know about this and many think that the Jewish religion thinks favorably about Christ. Evangelicals who are told by some leaders to support the Jewish religion are never told about the viciously anti-Christ nature of Judaism. See my review of a leading Judaic Scholar’s book called Jesus in the Talmud.

Compare Christian prayers for the conversion of Jews and other non-Christians, to the Jewish scriptures calling Christ a bastard and Mary a whore, saying that he and his followers are boiled in excrement. Who are the real purveyors of hatred and intolerance. Christians are accused of two thousand years of intolerance and hate toward Jews, but what is said of Jewish hatred against Christians that goes all the way back to Jesus Christ himself? I hope that those who are new to www.davidduke.com will find this fact as a doorway to learning more about the entire question of Jewish extremism and supremacism.

To quote The Telegraph:

One of America’s most senior cardinals has called on Jews to scrap “Talmudic descriptions of Jesus as a bastard”.

You can find the article on Cardinal George at The Telegraph