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Jew-to-jew newspaper reports objectively on our thinking while completely distorting the news for the goyim

Commentary — While it is a fair characterization to refer to the “lying Jewish media,” the branch of the media that is Jews writing for other Jews can be remarkably forthcoming. The Jewish Daily Forward, which bills itself as “the nation’s Jewish newspaper,”

The article below is about allegations made by journalist Eric Striker in the Daily Stormer and on the David Duke show that the toppling of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery may be a self-inflicted “hate crime,” and at any rate is being used as a weapon to try to thwart President Trump’s agenda.

Interestingly, the article makes no attempt to reject any of Mr. Striker’s claims, and rather reports to its Jewish audience objectively the contents and rationale of his argument. It is almost as if Jews want to know what the goyim are thinking, but just don”t want the goyim to know what other goyim are thinking.


Neo-Nazis: St. Louis Cemetery A ‘Non-Story’ Used To Attack Trump

After vandals knocked over or damaged dozens of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in Missouri, neo-Nazis say the incident is a “non-story” used as a bludgeon to attack President Trump, fitting what they view as a pattern of nefarious Jewish control of media and politics.

“It’s obvious that this isn’t about some 100 year old gravestones being tipped over,” wrote Daily Stormer contributor Eric Striker. “This is about bending Trump to the Jewish will through media onslaught.”

The Daily Stormer was founded in 2013 by Andrew Anglin and draws its name from the Nazi tabloid Der Sturmer. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently named it the country’s “top hate site” in page views and influence in extremist circles.

The cemetery defacement followed a rash of bomb threats to about a dozen Jewish Community Centers across the country, leading Jewish leaders and communal figures to demand Trump publicly denounce anti-Semitism by name. He had resisted the move for weeks, but finally spoke out on Tuesday.

“The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil,” Trump told reporters.

Striker, the Stormer writer, did not take Trump’s statement at face value. Instead, he saw it as evidence of overzealous Jews seeking political control.

“The more Trump gives them, the more emboldened and demanding they will become,” Striker lamented in a separate post. “If he appeases these lobbyists, he gains nothing, but will lose his millions of Alt-Right supporters.”

Striker cast himself and the Daily Stormer as the true victims – of the Anti-Defamation League and other Jewish groups.

“The ADL’s real intention in donning this disguise of an aggrieved minority is not to keep Jews and their property physically safe,” Striker wrote. Instead, he claimed, the organization strives to silence people who, like him, are not “afraid to call out Jews when they engage in unethical behavior.”

On Twitter, former KKK head and white supremacist David Duke also lamented Trump and Vice President Michael Pence’s show of regret over the cemetery vandalism. Pence visited the graveyard Wednesday and helped clean up.

“Not trying to counter-signal the administration,” Duke wrote on Twitter, “but showing up everytime Jews get upset about anonymous threats only plays into their agenda.”