#HollywoodSoJewish: Internet protests all-white Oscar acting nominees for 2nd yr in row

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — As much as I would like to ignore Hollywood and its masturbatory Academy Awards ceremony, I can’t help but noticing the inane uproar over the lack of “people of color” among the acting awards. This is leading to predictable lamentations in the Zio media about Hollywood being run by “rich white men” and being a bastion of “white privilege.”

So if whites ran Hollywood, why can Tarantino direct film after film with such memorable lines as black actor Jamie Fox’s sympathetic hero saying “Kill white people and get paid for it? What’s not to like?” Or Tarantino’s recent depiction of cool black actor Samuel L. Jackson forcing a young white man to fellate him at gun point before he shot and killed him?

Why are films about civil rights movement events like Selma and black sports heroes like Jackie Robinson becoming almost as common as Holocaust-themed flicks? (The latest in these line depicts Jesse Owens at Hitler’s 1936 Olympics, a Zio Hollywood twofer if there ever was one!)

So this is likely not the last time we hear the Zio media harp on how “white” Hollywood is. And it is not the last time we will expose their self-serving nonsense for what it is.


Internet protests all-white Oscar acting nominees for 2nd yr in row

© Phil McCarten
The hashtag #Oscarssowhite has been revived following this week’s Oscars announcement of all-white acting nominees.

For just the second time since the late 1990s – and the second year in a row – no actors of color were nominated for the Oscar’s acting awards.

The internet objected to the absence of Michael B Jordan, star of the Rocky sequel Creed, even though Sylvester Stallone was nominated for best supporting actor. Sly won a Golden Globe for his performance earlier this month.

Stars of the NWA biopic Straight Out of Compton and Concussion star Will Smith also missed out.

African-American comedian Chris Rock will host the 88th annual Oscars on February 28th. Even though it was announced back in October, some feel it is a “token” gesture by the Academy.