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Hear Dr. David Duke on “Racism”—What is it and Who are the “Racists”?

Now available on the Rense Radio Network: Hear Dr. David Duke have a foundational show on racism. What is it? How is it defined?


Racism is defined as oppressing, exploiting, harming or defaming a race. By that definition who are the most powerful racists in America? And who is their racism directed against?

If someone says Jews as a group are shysters he is considered racist. If someone says that blacks are promiscuous he would be considered racist.

But what if one says that whites are racist. “Racist” is about the worst thing you can call a person or a race of people. So, the question is, why is calling white people racist not itself racist?

In truth, as racism is defined, if you believe in mutual respect of all peoples, and you oppose the oppression of a people by another people, you are not racist, but actually anti-racist. The truth is that any race can practice racism, not only white people.

The truth is that the real ultra-racists are those who control the media. The Zio Media demonizes whites and incites hatred in blacks toward whites and self-hatred in many whites toward themselves. They do this so they can divide and conquer and control us all. They especially hate whites and seek to demonize whites because they see the 60 percent of the white population as their biggest competitors for power, so they want to weaken and demoralize white people, and create a coalition against white people while they are the true masters of media, finance and government.

The Zio masters of America want both whites and blacks not to recognize the real source of their disintegrating nation, the Jewish masters who leading us all to tyranny and dissolution.

He shows how only tiny numbers of blacks have shot by police but that huge numbers of blacks have been shot by other blacks because of the Zio media that promotes gangsterism, violence, thuggery drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, sexual degeneration that destroys families and that makes kids fatherless, etc. Not only are blacks affected by these toxic poisons of the Zio media, many innocent whites fall victim of black violence as well. And many white young people are also culturally poisoned into drug addictions and destructive lifestyles.

Atty Don Advo joins with Dr. Duke to add a lot of interesting info about the true black leader Marcus Garvey.

This is an incredible discussion of the foundational issues that are wracking the well-being of both whites and blacks in America.

It is a powerful, heartfelt discussion that you must share to those you are trying to awaken!

Click here and look for the show dated 12-29-14.

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