Radio Show

Hear Dr. David Duke on Crimea, Russia and the Ukraine

Listen to the latest Dr. David Duke radio show, now on archive, in which he discusses the referendum in Crimea which has shown overwhelming support among the population for affiliation with Russia.

He shows how the Zionist press which has an agenda to weaken Russia because of its brake on the Zionist Global Agenda, is completely hypocritical in suggesting that the vote is illegal while at the same time endorsing a violent revolution in Ukraine.

However, Dr. Duke points out that Ukrainians do have legitimate grievances and the fundamental right to serve their own heritage and interests as well, and that the biggest enemy to both Russians and Ukrainians are the Zio globalists who want to destroy the independence of every nation, and the heritage of all European peoples!

Then Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss aspects of the vote and the policies of the United States before they go into the incredible hypocrisy of the leading Jewish organizations in America supporting open borders and an ethnically conflicted society while supporting the state of Israel that even denies the Palestinians who were born in Israel even the right to return home.

A powerful and enlightening program, and a great one to share!

Click here and look for the show dated 03-17-14.