“Goyim in Israel = Enemies”: Latest Outburst of Hate in Israel

Imagine for a minute what the Jewish Supremacist controlled media would say if in any city around the world, gangs of non-Jews would go around vandalizing Jewish-owned cars and property, calling for Jews to be murdered, calling the Jewish religion “filth” and saying that “Jews are the enemy.”

The newspapers, television and internet would be full of “reports” of shock and horror, of “evil anti-Semitism” and the whole world would be continuously subjected to “news” about the evilness of the people who committed such acts.

Yet, when gangs of Jews rampage around Israel, doing these exact things to non-Jews—and this very same controlled media remains completely silent.

The latest outburst of Jewish Supremacist hatred against Gentiles has taken place in Jerusalem, but has only been reported in two or three newspapers meant for Jews—and completely ignored by the large media groups who always cover up Jewish racism.

"Goyim = Enemies" reads the spray-painting on a non-Jewish bus in Jerusalem.
“Goyim = Enemies” reads the spray-painting on a non-Jewish bus in Jerusalem.

According to an article in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, the latest attack included the spray-painting of the slogan “Goyim in Israel = Enemies” on a bus in the Beit Hanina neighborhood.

Jewish vandals also slashed the tires of 34, and, the Haaretz continued, this is not the first time such an event has taken place.

“A year ago, the tires of 21 cars were slashed, and the message “We won’t be silent at stone throwing” was spray-painted on a wall. A Star of David was painted on one of the damaged cars.

“The proximity of Beit Hanina to the bridge leading to the Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev has made the residents a convenient target. The police believe that the perpetrators park on the bridge, enter the neighborhood and inflict the damage, then escape back to their cars.

“Earlier this month, the tires of 19 cars were slashed in Jaljulia, an Arab village in the central Israel. A chemical substance was poured on the vehicles, and the slogans “God the King” and “Every Arab is a criminal” were spray-painted on several walls.

“Last month, vandals slashed the tires of 30 cars belonging to residents of the Sharafat section of Jerusalem’s Beit Safafa neighborhood. Anti-Arab messages painted on walls included “Arabs = Thieves” and “There is no coexistence.” It was the second such attack in Beit Safafa in recent months.

“Last week, a similar act of vandalism took place in the Abu Tor neighborhood, which straddles East and West Jerusalem.”

In other words, these hate attacks against non-Jews are extremely common in Israel.

To return once again to the imaginary scenario outlined at the start of this article:  imagine if every week or so, gangs of Gentile Americans committed such acts in New York City.

Imagine what CNN would say. Imagine how CBS would cover the story. Imagine how the banner headline on the New York Times would read. . . .

Yet all of these institutions remain completely silent about the ongoing, virulent, extreme and hate-filled racist attacks in Israel—because the attackers are Jewish Supremacists.

The mass media in the west will always protect their fellow Jewish Supremacists in Israel no matter what the cost—and that includes manipulating and censoring the “news” which they feed to their non-Jewish readers and viewers.