Elliot Rodger: A Case Study in How Jewish Supremacism has Poisoned Society

The tragic Elliot Rodger shooting which played itself last week in Santa Barbara, California, serves as a case study on how Jewish Supremacism has poisoned society through its pernicious influence in Hollywood, the “entertainment” industry, the mass media, politics and the encouragement of value systems which have degraded morals, standards and norms.

The version of events put out by the Jewish Supremacist controlled media is as follows: Elliot Rodger was a deeply disturbed young man, angry and frustrated at his inability to find a girlfriend, who then turned his feelings into hate for women. He then acquired firearms and went on a murderous spree.

This version of the story has now been “followed up” with a call for further restrictions on firearms by California senator Diane Feinstein, amongst others.

This then, the official media version. The reality of this tragedy is however, somewhat different, and a step-by-step analysis of the awful chain of events shows a completely different side to the nightmarish events of the past weekend.


Jewish Supremacist Media Distortion and Censorship

The first example of how Jewish Supremacism has distorted society, comes with the official media line taken.

The media controllers have, like so many times before (see the Trayvon Martin incident, where they incited hatred against European Americans even though there were no European Americans involved in that incident), simply lied about Rodger and his motivation.

Firstly, and most obviously, four of his six murder victims were male, not female, including his three apartment co-dwellers. If he was only so violently “anti-female” as the media has claimed, then there would have been no reason to murder males.

The reason why the Jewish Supremacist controlled media has chosen to lie and distort Rodger’s motivation in this manner, is because they have looked at the available evidence—which is contained in his 141-page manifesto which he released on the Internet just prior to starting his murderous spree—and have deliberately chosen to suppress his real agenda.

In that manifesto, Rodger wrote of his hatred of European Americans, and blonde-haired European Americans of both sexes, in particular.

Several times in his manifesto, Rodger refers to Europeans as his “enemy.”

Rather than admit that this is his motivation, the Jewish Supremacist controlled media has focussed on his remarks about women, and have ignored his pointed remarks about men, which are just as common in his manifesto, and, even worse, have almost completely blacked out his declared hatred of European Americans.

In this way, the evil influence of the Jewish Supremacist controlled media can be clearly seen: imagine for a second if a European American had set off to kill people, and had put up a “manifesto” online stating his hatred of black people or Jews. This same Jewish Supremacist-controlled media would be quoting from this manifesto ad infinitum, and screaming to the world about “white racism.”

Yet, because in this case the perpetrator was of mixed race—half Chinese and half European—the media has chosen to “ignore” his racist rants against Europeans.

Jewish Supremacist Hollywood and the Distortion of Young Minds

The second example of how Jewish Supremacism has played an important debilitating role in society is through its control of the imagery and propaganda which floods out daily from the cesspit which is Hollywood.

In decades gone by, when Hollywood was still largely controlled by the Gentiles who founded that industry, the type of movies which were manufactured were of a completely different moral standard.

In older movies, for example, there was always a hero, who fought on the side of justice, and who displayed chivalry and mercy to beaten opponents.

Nowadays, Jewish Supremacist controlled Hollywood specializes in producing the most immoral, vengeful, bloody and gory imagery possible.

There is almost no limit to what will be sent out as “entertainment” by Hollywood these days. The more violent, the more obscene, the more gory and the more immoral the better.

Furthermore, Hollywood actively promotes as an ideal those “heroes” who now punish those who are “evil” in ways which are far removed from that of ordinary justice.

Hollywood specializes in creating the idea that those who are “wrongdoers” can be punished willy-nilly without recourse to the law. They can be killed, tortured, assassinated or subjected to unspeakable nastiness—all captured in explicit high-definition detail—and those who give out this punishment are represented as the heroes.

Almost every person has had enemies in their life that they despised, those whom they consider evil. The Zio media basically teaches that if someone is “evil” that it is permissible to the most horrendous things to them, kill, beat, torture, humiliate….anything.

Is it any wonder that people who might be on the edge, mentally speaking, “flip over” when their minds are filled with this violence and evil all the time through Hollywood?

Is it any wonder that a crazed person dresses up as a “super hero villain” and shoots up a cinema?

And is it any wonder that a deranged individual like Rodger will think that it is “justified” (in his own words) to “exact vengeance” upon those who he thinks has wronged him, which fits his view of evil?

Added to this poison is the incessant incitement against European Americans in particular (see the movies Django Unchained and Twelve Years a Slave as recent examples, but there are many more), and it can be seen that Jewish Supremacist controlled Hollywood has created a witches’ brew of propaganda which will affect all of society, and which will push those of weaker mental dispositions over the edge into mixing reality with fiction.

Jewish Supremacism and “Gun Control”

Another test case of Jewish Supremacist influence can be seen in the renewed calls for “gun control” by Senator Feinstein following the Santa Barbara shooting.

The obvious fact that three of the six murders were carried out with a knife is totally ignored by Feinstein and her fellow agitators.

Dianne Feinstein

The focus on the guns which Rodger had serves as a useful decoy to divert attention away from the factors which influenced him to carry out the shootings: the fact that he hated European-Americans, and the fact—obvious from his manifesto—that he as heavily influenced by the “entertainment” industry, in which Feinstein’s co-religionists play such a large role.

The reality is that youngsters in America have always had free access to firearms, going back hundreds of years. But it is only in the last decade or two that the mentally ill have started using them to murder large numbers of innocent people.

Rather than focus on why the mentally ill flip over—because that would mean looking at, and controlling the Jewish Supremacist Hollywood entertainment industry—Feinstein and her fellow Jewish Supremacists find it more convenient to “blame guns.”

In truth, young people today see hundreds, if not thousands of TV programs, movies, videos and video games of most horrific blood lust, murder, rape, torture, brutality, immorality imaginable.

Elliot Rodgers own father was part of the degenerate Hollywood establishment. He was second director of Hunger Games which is typical of teenage movie fare, a bloody film of  teenagers murdering, torturing, abusing one another, the good killing and maiming just like the bad, but who are justified in doing so by the fact that those they kill are “evil.” But truth is that most young people at some point view some members of their school, community, even family as evil. But the movies basically says that if someone is evil you can do any horrific thing to them and be justified. Evil of course is subjective, and the young mind equates real evil to those who they view as evil.

The True Cause of the Elliot Rodger Tragedy

From this brief overview it can be seen that as tragic as the Elliot Rodger incident is, its true origin lies in the baneful influences which Jewish Supremacists have created in society.

The violent, the sick, the gory and the immoral standards which Hollywood propagates, the violent and sick “games” which are peddled to young people as “entertainment,” the anti-European hatred that is drip-fed to everyone, and to non-European Americans in particular, the lies and distortions of the Jewish Supremacist controlled media, and the deliberate misdirection by Jewish Supremacists in the organs of government, are the ones ultimately to blame for the increasing violence on our streets. Blaming guns is complete misdirection from where the real blame should be ascribed: the the rulers of Hollywood who are in business of enabling the ultimate weapons of violence: millions of sick minds.