“Dual Loyalty” Becomes Blatant: Israeli Runs for Congress in Texas

The dual loyalty—actually single loyalty—nature of Zionist extremists has now become so blatant that an Israeli is running for election to Congress in the U.S. as an Israel-firster, the Jerusalem Post has reported.

According to the report, Itamar Gelbman, who was born in New York 30 years ago but who moved as a child with his parents to Israel, is standing in Texas’s Sixth Congressional District, which is outside Dallas.

How is it possible that a national of a foreign nation has the right to stand for election to the U.S. Congress on a ticket devoted to putting the interests of another nation above those of America?

This can only happen because of the nature of the Jewish Supremacist control of American politics: A German-American with dual nationality who ran for office in the US saying he would put Germany’s interests first, would be shouted down by the Zionist controlled media.

Gelbman served as an undercover reserve officer in the Tel Aviv Police District and joined the IDF where he was a lieutenant in what he calls the “army special forces.” He said he “could not be more specific about what he did in the army but that he received multiple awards, including a commendation from the IDF chief of staff.”

Eight years ago, Gelbman moved to Texas—but the Jerusalem Post did not say why he preferred the US to Israel, although observers can guess.

Gelbman said he is confident he could win because voters in the heavily Evangelical Christian district like his connection to Israel.

“I’m the only candidate for the seat who is pro-Israel,” Gelbman said.

“([His opponent, sitting Congressman Joe] Barton has been in office for 28 years and has never been publicly outspoken on Israel. He votes with Republicans in favor of Israel, but he never visited. Israel’s not his thing,” he said.

Gelbman said he believes American politicians need to give Israel the benefit of the doubt. He does not believe the US should involve itself in the settlement issue and he would work to block foreign aid to Islamic countries that act against Israel and the United States.

“I would defend Israel and be their voice in the House,” he said.

“Israel should be allowed to do whatever it needs to do. The Palestinians need to change their education system and accept Israel as a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Gelbman said he would work to make sure a law requiring the US to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would be enforced.

Asked for his views on Iran, he said he was “100% against the Iranian nuclear weapons program and 100% behind Israel’s right to defend itself.”

He said that if Iran’s nuclearization was prevented, it would make the entire world safer.

According to the Jersusalem Post, Gelbman recently came to Israel to spend Passover with family. While he was in the country, he met with MK Danny Danon and other Likud politicians.