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Dr. Duke shows how Trump tells truth about Zio Insanity in Syria. Says support Russia’s fight against ISIS! How Zios Divide and Conquer!

Dr. Duke started the show by talking about the rare common sense regarding foreign policy that Donald Trump is exhibiting in an election cycle dominated by candidates who seem hellbent on starting World War III. He and Dr. Slattery discussed recent comments he made calling it “crazy” to oppose Russian support for the Syrian government in battling ISIS.


Then they moved on to the UN, which is controlled by Zionists via the U.S.-dominated Security Council. Even so, the more representative General Assembly regularly passes non-binding resolutions against Israel, which has led to the creation of a thoroughly Jewish “UN Watch” watchdog organization that confuses and misdirects people about the issues and workings of the UN.

This show is packed full of well-documented examples that you probably have not heard of regarding how crazy the truth has become. But verifiable evidence is better than any medication for maintaining sanity. Inoculate your friends today.

Click here and look for the show dated 9-28-15.

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