Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Leads the Parade for Gun Control

Whose Reach Exceeds His Grasp
From his office to your backyard: Through a series of lies and every other avenue possible, New York City’s rogue Mayor Michael Bloomberg (left) is working to bring his gun-control schemes to your hometown.

By James O.E. Norell

“Rogue.” That’s the epithet New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg most often uses to demonize small, mostly mom-and-pop gun stores in far-away states. Those are the enterprises that he threatens either to personally control or put out of business through his new tactic of no-end-in-sight lawsuits against people too small to match his city’s unlimited legal resources.

In the case of Bloomberg himself—a billionaire, Boston-grown evangelist for the nanny state—the epithet “rogue” has a real ring to it. Bloomberg paid for his mayoral election campaigns with $150 million in personal pocket cash, which exempted him from campaign finance laws under the theory that only other people’s money influences policy.

Beholden to nothing except his own ambitions, the mayor has established himself as a kind of national gun-control vigilante with plans for controlling when, where and how individual Americans in every corner of the nation can engage in commerce in firearms. If he gets his way, Bloomberg—from his office in New York City—will be reaching into every American home, picking and choosing what firearms he would deem “illegal guns” and would take from individual Americans.

To accomplish this goal, Bloomberg, under a totally phony banner of “illegal guns,” has created an axis of 150-plus anti-gun big-city mayors, thus forming a massive taxpayer-funded propaganda, lobbying and political machine to force new gun-control schemes by any means. Through that cabal, Bloomberg’s tentacles reach throughout the country to foist NYC-style gun control on you, your friends and neighbors.

First things first, however.

Bloomberg has embarked on what his close friend in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., has called “an all-front war” for gun control—first in the courts, then in creating an urban elite political machine, and then in the national and state legislatures, like Pennsylvania, where he appeared with a carpetbag full of gun-control schemes. (….Full Article Here)

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