Video shows martyred “unarmed” black teen had just shot other black 13 minutes earlier

By Dr. Patrick Slattery — On Tuesday a 17 black male, Antwon Rose, was shot by an East Pittsburgh police officer while running from a car that had been stopped because it matched the description of a car that had fled the scene of a drive-by shooting 13 minutes earlier. A cell phone video of the shooting captured by a black girl filming from a window went viral, and helped lead to days of protests that have included shutting down the main interstate artery leading into Pittsburgh for six hours.

Even though it was reported from the get go that the car matched the description of the one used in the drive-by, that the car had bullet holes in it, that there were two guns found in the car, and that Antwon had an emptied clip in his pocket, the Zio-organized black community went back to the “unarmed black man” meme. Now it turns out that there is video evidence that Antwon was actually the gun man in the drive-by 13 minutes earlier.

So my question to the black community leaders it this: Do you think you want to walk back that whole good boy narrative? Because if you want to claim that Antwon was just a normal black teenager making good grades and writing poetry and was gunned down simply for being black, then the rest of us have to conclude that simply being black includes shooting other blacks in drive-bys. We have to conclude that even black boys who do well at school are prone to criminal violence. Because that is the logical conclusion.

Justice for Antwon? Had he lived he would have faced an attempted murder rap.

I am sorry to say that pretty much the whole pantheon of black lives matters martyred saints is actually a rogues’ gallery. But this case may be the one that finally shows the absurdity of the narrative. With all that we know, are we still supposed to think that police should allow a suspect to run away minutes after having emptied his clip into another black (who is currently in the hospital) simply because, unbeknownst to police, he was out of ammo and thus “unarmed?”

Your Jew-written narrative has been exposed, and by continuing to spew it you only make your followers look stupid and unfit for civilization. Is this what you really want?