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Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof Expose the Jewish/Bolshevik Greatest Mass Murder Holocaust in History & Fake Media True Holocaust Denial !


Today Dr. Duke had a special show on the genocide committed by Jews in 1930’s Soviet Union against the Ukrainian and Russian peoples that killed 7-11 million people. Dr. Duke read from multiple Jewish sources about the scope and scale of his man-made famine known as the Holodomor, which was created by insane privatization policies and enforced by Jewish commissars who requisitioned whatever food was grown in the “bread basket” region of Ukraine, but prevented the starving peasants from leaving to seek food elsewhere.

Reverend Mark Dankof joined the show and added context to the calamity, which can be seen as part of a long history of Jews aggressively competing with the goyim in order to dominate them and exploit them everywhere.

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Why do Jews have short necks? Because they are always making the gesture in the picture above, according to Professor Cohen.