Jewish Supremacism

Syrian War Lobby: Jewish Supremacist Misdirection Exposed

The collapse—for the meanwhile—of the pro-intervention in the Syrian war lobby has seen the Jewish Supremacists scurrying for cover after the massive publicizing of their plans to push America into another war for Israel.


First off the mark was the overtly pro-Zionist Times of Israel, run by well-known “single loyalty” Jewish hasbara (propaganda) specialist David Horovitz.

In an article supposedly dealing with an historical interview with Eitan Haber, Yitzhak Rabin’s closest aide, on the 20th anniversary of the Olso Accords, Horovitz quoted Haber as saying that when a Jewish politician becomes prime minister of Israel, “they realize how utterly dependent Israel is on the US.”

Referring specifically to Benjamin Netanyahu, Haber is quoted in the article as follows:

“And what is it that the Likud leader didn’t know 20 years ago, that he does know as prime minister today? That only when you make it to the Prime Minister’s Office, says Haber, do you understand the extent to which Israel “is dependent on America. For absolutely everything — in the realms of diplomacy, security, even economically… Slowly your tone changes, because you understand that without the spare parts [from the US], your entire air force is grounded. And when you have no air force you have no defenses. You can barely do anything without America. Her diplomatic support, defensive support, economic support. We are in America’s little pocket.”

This is classic Jewish Supremacist misdirection at work. They take a truth, and then add a suitable sprinkling of distortions and lies to produce a “conclusion” which is the exact opposite of reality—it is the Big Lie technique perfected.

The truth is that Israel is dependent upon the U.S. for everything, as Haber correctly says—and in particular the Israeli military machine which is used to attack and suppress Palestinians and Arab neighbors.

(This reality is also the reason why Islamists commit acts of terrorism against America and western nations—but of course Haber or Horovitz would never admit that.)

However, Haber then completely distorts the reason why Israel is dependent upon America.

He tries to make out that America supports Israel “because it wants to”—whereas in reality Jewish power in America controls the mass media, the politics and the economy in a matrix of power which ensures that Israel is always supported.

It is not Israel that “is in America’s pocket” but rather America in Israel’s pocket—precisely the opposite of what Haber and Horovitz have said.

The second example of Jewish Supremacist misdirection appeared in the latest issue of The New York Jewish Week.

An article titled “Jewish Leaders Push Back On ‘Warmonger’ Accusation” says that “With President Barack Obama calling Russia’s proposal to collect and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons a “potential breakthrough,” many in the organized Jewish community are concerned their support for military force against Syria will be seen as leading the charge to war.

“As Chemi Shalev, a leading columnist for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, wrote Tuesday, “Israel and its supporters and lobbyists are in danger of being stranded and depicted as frustrated warmongers.”

This assessment is of course completely accurate and reflects the truth—but the Jewish Week goes on to quote Rabbi Gerald Skolnik, president of the Conservative movement’s Rabbinical Assembly, as saying:

“We are a people with a right to have an interest; we have a dog in this fight. I don’t think the response of the Jewish community has been heavy-handed or that we pushed the president to do anymore than he is inclined to do.”

This view was repeated by David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, who claimed that they had supported the war effort because “we believe it is in America’s national security interests. This is the one and only reason.”

This is, of course, yet another outright lie. The Syrian war is not in “America’s national interests” but it most certainly is in Israel’s interests—and this was why the organized Jewish lobby was pushing so hard to get America into it.

This, and other forms of misdirection are likely to increase over the next few weeks as the Jewish lobby tries to disentangle itself from the pro-war effort (at least until they try again).

Readers and observers should be aware of this tactic, and do all they can to counter it.