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Jewish Supremacists: Open Immigration for America, but Closed Borders for Israel

PrintThe overt hypocrisy of the Jewish Supremacists who run the U.S. government has been laid bare once again with the headlong rush of all major Jewish organizations to support “immigration reform” in America—but still demand that only Jews be allowed to immigrate to Israel.

The American Jewish Committee, for example, has “applauded” President Obama’s call for comprehensive immigration reform.

“AJC echoes the President’s sentiments,” said Richard Foltin, AJC’s Director of National and Legislative Affairs. “Immigration is a key factor in bolstering America’s economic strength and democratic pluralism.”

President Obama’s call to action comes in tandem with the proposed framework for comprehensive immigration reform announced yesterday by a bipartisan group of Senators. AJC welcomed the Senators’ initiative.

“The President’s proposed reforms to establish a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented and reform the legal immigration system, particularly with respect to the granting of family and employment visas, are encouraging,” said Foltin.

“Bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and allowing immigrant families to more easily reunite with their loved ones promotes a strong social fabric in our communities,” Foltin continued.

This stance is in complete contradiction to the AJC’s support for the state of Israel, which has the strictest immigration policy in the world.

Israel’s immigration policy is based on the 1950 “Law of Return” which declares that only Jews, form anywhere in the world, have the right to settle in Israel. The law is specifically racial in basis, and a 1970 amendment specified that the minimum qualification for the defition of a Jew is someone with Jewish grandparents. Those who emigrate to Israel under the Law of Return are immediately entitled to citizenship.

This double standard—which demands that non-Jewish countries lose their identities while Israel strictly maintains its own racial identity—provides a valuable insight into how Jewish Supremacists regard all other people on earth.