Jewish Supremacism

Jewish Lobby Already Boasting of “Record-Breaking” Conference

The annual “AIPAC Policy Conference” organized by America’s largest Jewish lobby, is already boasting of a “record breaking” event with “14,000 activists” and a range of speakers which includes their coreligionists already installed in the corridors of power and a string of their Goyim puppets.


According to a report in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Jewish Supremacists Secretary of State John Kerry-Cohen and Treasury Secretary “Jack” Lew (real name Jacob Joseph Lew) will speak at the annual AIPAC conference, along with the leader of their real nation, Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the JTA, the AIPAC conference will see “thousands of participants from all 50 states” take part in “three of the most important days affecting Israel’s future.”

“The activists plan to lobby Congress on March 4 on efforts to keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and assistance for Israel,” the JTA reported, rehashing the old Jewish Supremacist lies that Iran has or wants an atom bomb, and astonishingly demanding even more “aid” for Israel, which already received over $8 million every day, despite being a wealthy nation in its own right which exports arms all over the world.

According to the JTA, “Lew’s department has taken the lead in enforcing existing sanctions” against Iran.

According to AIPAC’s Twitter feed, other speakers will include Senator Chuck Schumer from New York, Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey and Senator John McCain from Arizona.

The AIPAC website also boasts how they will go to work “lobbying” Congress:

In the section of their website devoted to explaining to delegates what their duties as lobbyists will be, AIPAC says “Once you sign up for a lobbying appointment, your attendance is absolutely critical.

“AIPAC contacts each congressional office prior to the conference and provides them with a list of delegates scheduled for appointments—they will be expecting you!

“The personalized conference schedule you receive at check-in will include the times and locations for your lobbying sessions, as well as information regarding various lobbying training opportunities.”