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Dr. Duke Exposes the Attacks on General Flynn and Trump as Simply Jewish Hatred Against the Goyim – Also Joining in is Dr. Slattery.


Today Dr. Duke went into the issue of the Jewish vendetta against General Michael Flynn, whom President Trump unfortunately fired. General Flynn did absolutely nothing wrong by allegedly telling the Russian Ambassador that then President-elect Trump would review Russian sanctions after becoming president, but the Jewish power establishment views Flynn as such a obstacle to the Jewish drive for a military confrontation with Russia that they were pulling out all the stops in their Anti-Flynn campaign.

Dr. Slattery joined the showed and provided the background for Jewish hatred of President Putin, which dates back to his taking the country back from the Jewish oligarchs who fleeced the country in the 1990s. The Jews in the New York Times and the State Department dream of regime changing Putin and turning Russia into a “normal” Western country, i.e. one in which Jews run it for the benefit of Jewish interests.

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