Hear Dr. David Duke on Media Double Standards and his own Background

Duke-campaign Read and hear Dr. David Duke’s comments on the video of Kelly Francis, the African American journalist and former talk show host from WREG in Memphis who interviewed him during his controversial Klan days almost 40 years ago. The current host of the show asked the now retired lady, on her 80th birthday, who has […]

Hear Dr. Duke’s “Health and Fitness Friday” Radio Show

dd-fit Now on archive!  Dr. David Duke has an awesome Life, Health and Fitness Friday show. First he quickly touches on the latest scandal of the Mayor of Israel’s capitol Jerusalem is endorsing the head rabbi of the city who is an avowed racist who declared to his fellow Jews that Jewish law forbids Jews from […]

Hear Drs. Duke and Slattery on the Jewish Supremacist Domination of American “Politics”

Greenspan Rubin Summers Paulson Bernanke Geithner Drs. David Duke and Patrick Slattery give the lowdown on Sheldon Adelson and the utter domination of the Republican and Democratic Party by Jewish extremists. Also discussed is the Protocols and its warnings of Jewish control of the monetary system and banking and the role of Zionists in controlling predator banks like Goldman Sachs but […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Historical Personalities Who Have Opposed Jewish Supremacism

martin_luther_1 Listen to Dr. David Duke’s latest radio show, now on archive, where he starts off by reviewing the motivations of historical figures who have opposed the Jewish extremists. He speaks of the incredible humanitarian and peace efforts of Henry Ford, why the Russian Czars were trying to protect the Russian people from exploitation in the […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Jewish Supremacist Racist Hypocrisy

Rosensaft2 Listen to the latest Dr. David Duke radio show on archive where he discusses what racism really is and how the ultimate racists on planet earth have us blaming and condemning every other people for racism other than themselves. A recent meeting of powerful Jewish groups in Hungary called intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews a […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on the Ultimate Racist Threat to World Peace

neo-con Listen to Dr. David Duke’s latest radio show, now on archive, about the ultimate racist threat to America and the planet: Jewish ultra-racism that dominates our media, financial structure (such as the FED) and politics. He explains that Jewish power is not based on ability, but on tribalist racism and intense discrimination against non-Jews and […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on the Protocols of Zion: Fact or Fantasy?

Churchill Dr. David Duke begins with another interesting analysis of the origins of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and motivation and thinking behind its author. He explains how the important thing in the Protocols is not who its author is or the literary framework of the book, but the underlying truth it postulates. […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on 1984, Big Brother and the Protocols

big-brother-1984 Dr. David Duke reveals the rising American consciousness of the Zionist control of our foreign policy and involvement of wars that so damage America, then he goes into some new aspects of the original Protocols of Zion and some of the insights and documentation in his new book, the Illustrated Protocols of Zion. He has […]

Hear Dr. David Duke on Crimea, Russia and the Ukraine

crimea Listen to the latest Dr. David Duke radio show, now on archive, in which he discusses the referendum in Crimea which has shown overwhelming support among the population for affiliation with Russia. He shows how the Zionist press which has an agenda to weaken Russia because of its brake on the Zionist Global Agenda, is […]

Zio-DoubleSpeak, Illegal Immigration, Israel, Vladimir Putin and Jewish Supremacism: Dr. David Duke Radio Show Special

double-speak1 Listen to this sensational radio show, now on archive, in which Dr. David Duke goes into the Orwellian newspeak of the Zio controlled media and political establishment. He shows an AP directive that its reporters must not ever use the term illegal aliens, to describe what are truly illegal aliens—non-citizens who have broken American laws […]

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