David Duke Explores the Undeniable, Censored Truth about Judaism!

athiest jews small internet Dr. David Duke has another foundational show today which he begins by going deeply in the basic nature of Judaism, a forbidden topic today. He shows how formal organized Judaism does not not even demand a belief in God, but what it does demand is loyalty to the Jewish tribe. That the fundamental tenets of […]

Dr. Duke “Breaking the Media Programming”

multitasking1-570x386 Dr. David Duke does a foundational show on the programming of the Zio media, not only on politics but also in ways that degrade and degenerate our abilities to think clearly and make reasoned decisions on matters that greatly affect our quality of life, happiness, achievement, productivity and health. In a massive distracting media and […]

Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery on Church of England Vicar’s Impact!

European Awakening Dr. David Duke once again gives exciting news of an increasingly awakening world. Today he shows how a high official in the Church of England is being attacked by the Zio media for daring to share Dr. Duke’s videos and linking to DavidDuke.com for articles exposing the worldwide Zionist Threat. Dr. Slattery joins him and […]

Dr. Duke exposes latest Zio psychopathology! & shocking ADHD facts!

adhd Dr. David Duke exposes the latest Jewish racist psychopathy in this show today with Dr. Slattery. He discusses the latest lead article in the Jerusalem Post that goes ballistic in condemning the Lancet editor for not being “contrite enough” when he made pilgrimage to Israel to praise the Jewish state and beg for forgiveness for […]

Listen to Dr. David Duke Expose the Zio Media – KKK/Communist double standard.

jews mind control israeli-Brain-Powe controlled media internet size Dr. David Duke has an absolutely stunning show exposing the Zionist-influenced media lies. The Telegraph newspaper ran an article headlined attacking Doctors who exposed Israeli atrocities against Gaza, as “Scientists who promoted the Ku Klux Klan.” It would be laughable if not so incredibly dishonest and hypocritical. Dr. Duke today goes into the incessant media […]

Listen to Dr. Duke’s Powerful Response to the Craven Editor of Lancet!

sensored zio small Dr. David Duke today shares his powerful letter to Dr. Richard Horton, the chief editor of Lancet who, due to Jewish extremist threats and pressure, has made and about face and now plans to remove the Doctor’s letter to Lancet. Bowing to the Jewish extremists, he will remove the letter that accurately details the Zionist […]

David Duke Uncovers the Truth: “White Privilege or Jewish Privilege

Lawrence Summers diversity harvard Dr. David Duke has a VITAL FOUNDATIONAL show today on “White Privilege” or “Jewish Privilege.” He goes deeply into irrefutable proof that the real privilege and the real ruler over America is not “White Privilege” but “Jewish Privilege.” Dr. Slattery also adds powerful commentary on the subject. This is a show that you should share […]

Dr. David Duke Exposes anti-Gentile Jewish Racism and hatred for all the World to See!

rabbi Yosef extermination of arabs small In a heartfelt discussion at the beginning of the show Dr. Duke explores the Jewish question from the ground up. First he discusses the control of the media and the many ways in which the media and establishment are actually working against better health, happiness, achievement in our people. He talks about addictions, to damaging […]

Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery Discuss How the Jewish Partisans Use Media to Control US!

The World Jewish Congress--"Advancing World Jewish Globalism"--but opposing anybody else's efforts to organize for their own interests. Dr. David Duke has a great opening of today’s show on a major article by journalist Steve Sailer who discusses the absolute need for criticism of Jewish racist tribalism and how the Jewish hegemony in press and politics represses true thought, and the true interests of the majority of the American people.   Also included […]

Hear Dr. David Duke & Dr. Slattery on Ziobama’s Syria Insanity!

david-duke-syrian-tv Dr. David Duke does a great opening in which he he goes over the latest ISIS war and reveals Ziobama’s statement which shows how is completely controlled by the Zionists in saying he “doesn’t want to stabilize the Assad government in Syria. ┬áIn other words, just like the Israelis, he wants the war to go […]

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